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    Mac Francis Profile… A professional singer for over 4 decades; a widely experienced musician who produces a seriously competent performance whether accompanied with just a Piano or a Guitar, especially with his trio, quartet or quintet, and even with an 8 piece or a Big Band. Mac Francis employs only the most accomplished musicians and technicians and usually performs using his own contemporary arrangements of the Jazz Standards. Mac has pretty much done it all and for so many years, from classical to rock but today his real passion is Jazz; He says when you have done everything else there is only jazz left to stretch your ability to the full. The only recordings Mac has to offer is Jazz as his preference but Mac has a very broad vocal range and is very capable of singing most music genres. Mac is also known as a promoter of live music, a Singing/Voice & Stage Performance Tutor and Adjudicator as well as an Actor, MC and Public Speaker.


    The Mac Francis Band has clearly developed a number of personal stylistic markers blending high energy and passionate modern improvisation with uniquely written contemporary arrangements that reflect the individual personalities within the group. The band has created a sound incorporating various elements of their past international musical experiences without losing sight of its own voice or the material from the American song book which they choose to play and most people prefer to hear.

    Expect the unexpected and be delighted by the way they incorporate structure with openness and curiosity with their contemporary treatment of the classic standards.


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    Please use the enquiry page for all immediate contact with Mac Francis.


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    Whatever your requirements, Mac Francis will help you accomplish exactly what you would like, and will provide you with a live show 'Par Excellence'.


    Mac Francis is a widely experienced entertainer. He has put together a program to perform as a ‘Solo Act (Crooner) Singer’ using high quality backing tracks, specifically put together for performing in Care Homes to provide ‘Stimulating Entertainment’. The backing tracks are a mixture of the more renowned Classic 60’s to 90’s Pop Songs and the Classic American Songbook Jazz Standards, of all varying tempos and to suit a broad range of musical taste’.


    Performance sets are a minimum 1 hour, up to 90 minutes.


    'Sing-Along ~ Clapping ~ Dancing'


    Fees: 'Price On Application'

    Depending performance time required and distance to travel.

    For local care homes where cash payment is made on the day, my fee is from £50 to £65 depending my distance to travel. Where payment is on 30 days, my fee is £75.


    Based in Stanley County Durham.

    'All areas are considered'

    Payment Terms:
     Preferred ‘Cash Payment’

    with invoice on the day of performance.


    Please go to the enquiry page on this website or call Mac Francis on 07786 554 528 to discuss your requirements.


    Mac Francis is fully equipped with his own portable PA  System.


    For Sample Recordings please visit the music page on this website. At this time however, the only recordings’ Mac Francis currently has to offer is Jazz as his preference. Mac does however have a very broad vocal range and is very capable of singing most music genres (More varied recordings coming soon).

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